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Empowering Canadians Through Play, Sport and Movement in a Digital World

PHE in Digital Culture Lab

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We are a team comprised of researchers, teachers, clinical psychologists, coaches and leaders who advocate for Physical Health Education and Sport in Canada.  The goal of this lab is to situate Physical and Health Education in evolving Digital Culture; to develop a place where educators and sport leaders can leverage technology to build a culture of healthy movers, healthy communities and a Healthier Canada. 


We aim to promote resilience, wellness, and a healthy lifestyle, using digital technology to facilitate sustainable and meaningful PHE programs.  Our lab is home to a group of creative and motivated thinkers who push the boundaries and implement engaging digital lessons that encourage students, teachers and parents to get active.

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Best Practices in Online learning summer conference 2020

The Future of Physical Education and Digital Technology: Designing a New Landscape for PHE

August 10th - August 14th, 2020

Luke M.

"The workshop I attended today was fantastic and I look forward to joining more UOIT seminars in the future. Thank you!"

Richard T.

Outstanding interactive presenters who created great details and ideas. Excellent resources and good conversation. "

Angie S.

"I loved all of the resources and the opportunity to hear about where Physical Education is moving."

David M.

"Dr. Wendy Barber was an exceptional host/presenter - her style of teaching is laudable and she creates a welcoming and exciting online atmosphere."

Michelle B.

"Their enthusiasm is palpable and they inspire participants to get involved, show passion and solve problems."

Heather S.

"Well organized and presented.  Presenters had expert knowledge.  Shared a lot of resources."


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Ontario Tech University

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We are a group made up of teachers, researchers, coaches and a physiologist who advocate for Physical Health Education and Sport in Canada. 

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