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Olympic Top 10 Moments of Determination

These stories share the determination and perseverance of the top 10 Moments of Determination at the Olympic Games. Incredible stories of resilience as these athletes fight through pain, abnormal situations, injuries and so much more.

1 Derek Redmond

Country: Great Britain

Event: Athletics - Mens 400m

At the Barcelona 1992 Olympic Games Mens 400 m Final, Derek started off strong and half way through suffered a torn hamstring. The pain crippled Derek causing him to collapse in agony, but through pure self motivation he was determined to finish the race. He picked himself up and headed to the finish line, when through the security came his father to his aid. The two men completed the race together and Derek Redmond’s story of perseverance continues to live on in Olympic History.

2 – Kerri Strung

Country: United States of America

Event: Gymnastics – Vault

Competing in the Atlanta 1996 Olympic Games, Kerri and Team USA were headed for the Gold Medal. The team was relying on Kerri’s scores in both her Vault attempts to secure a Gold Medal. During her first attempt she landed and heard a crack in her left ankle followed by a severe sharp pain. Kerri fell back and was in severe pain. In order for her team to secure gold she still needed to complete her second vault, which she did with confidence. She ran her heart out and performed an almost perfect routine sticking her landing with her injured ankle.

3 Gabriela Andersen-Schiess

Country: Switzerland

Event: Womans Marathon

The Los Angeles Olympic Games in 1984 held the Innagural Womans Marathon event where Gabriela was representing Switzerland. The marathlon was started in the morning of an extremely hot day. Gabriela staggered into the stadium and suffered from obvious signs of dehydration but waved medical staff away to avoid disqualification. Suffering from leg cramps, dehydration and muscle fatigue she pushed through and completed the final lap of the stadium to finish the race she came there to run.

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