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Canadian Olympic Activity Challenge Cards

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Wanted to get your students involved in the Olympics and didn't know where to start? There are some great parent and teacher resources on the Canadian Olympic School Program site which introduces students to a variety of different Olympic sports from both the summer and winter games.

The beautiful thing about the Olympic Games is that among the high level competition there is true sportsmanship, friendship and respect among athletes. Teaching students a new sport can be difficult but as Physical and Health Educators we must encourage students to expand their physical literacy and movement skills and learning a new sport is one way of doing that.Introducing a new sport where students can find a role model to relate to could be a great side effect of using these activity challenge cards from the Canadian Olympic Committee.

Each sport has it's own 'Activity Challenge Card' that contains several pages of quality information. Each card has the history of the sport, as well as a featured country and a Canadian Olympic Athlete associated with that sport.

Parents and Teachers can use these resources at home or in the classrooms to teach students about the Olympics, our Canadian Athletes and to get them moving! In addition to the history and featured athlete there is also a classroom activity included. These activities vary (depending on the sport) but it could be a drill, an agility course related to the sport, an interval training activity and the list goes on. As each sport requires different strengths it's a great way to identify these special differences within the sport and within your students.

Fall in love with the Olympics again, as we know you did as a child and get your students excited about our Canadian Athletes! These are just a snap shot of what to expect but there is so much more to choose from! Visit the Canadian Olympic School Program website for a list of the Activity Challenge Cards and bring some spirit alive in your classrooms.

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