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A paragraph about why resilience is so important and how students need grit to keep moving forward and be successful in their lives. 

"It ain't about how hard you HIT It's abut how hard you can GET HIT and keep moving FORWARD"

- Rocky Balboa

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Angela Duckworth

Learn about why effort matters more than talent & why it takes more than just 10 thousand hours of practice to become world class

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Angie S.

"The workshop I attended today was fantastic and I look forward to joining more OTU seminars in the future. Thank you!"

Outstanding interactive presenters who created great details and ideas. Excellent resources and good conversation. "

Luke M.

"I loved all of the resources and the opportunity to hear about where Physical Education is moving."

"Dr. Wendy Barber was an exceptional host/presenter - her style of teaching is laudable and she creates a welcoming and exciting online atmosphere."

Michelle B.

"Their enthusiasm is palpable and they inspire participants to get involved, show passion and solve problems."

"Well organized and presented.  Presenters had expert knowledge.  Shared a lot of resources."


PHE Teacher Development


We are a group made up of teachers, researchers, coaches and a physiologist who advocate for Physical Health Education and Sport in Canada. 

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