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Module 4: Assessment & Evaluation in PHE




4 Weeks


About the Course

The purpose of this module is to assist physical educators in understanding the complexities of teaching physical education in a virtual environment and proactively assessing the barriers that students and their families will face in your classroom to ensure equitable engagement. You can expect to grasp a better understanding of how to create a learning environment that allows for more inclusion, accessibility, equity, and a culturally responsive approach in pedagogy (eg. eliminating bias, working through preconceptions, creating a safe learning environment, and knowing your students and their families). Research shows that some barriers teachers experience while creating equitable Physical Education learning opportunities for their students include lack of resources, not knowing how to involve students with disabilities without disrupting their lesson, lack of training, providing inclusive roles, student access to technology, and how to create culturally relevant learning opportunities.

Everyone taking this module comes from a wide range of teaching experiences as well as different cultural backgrounds. Take a moment to reflect on these experiences, any preconceptions you may have noticed about yourself in the last year and any area you specifically wish to improve upon within the margins of this module.

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